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Consultation Services

Depending on the company's projects, we proceed to the identification and negotiation of grants, government loans and traditional financing:

• Identify sources of grants, loans and government funding based on the

business objectives of the company

• Strategically evaluate all sources of financing

• Position the project and the company based on own queries to each institution

• Write and / or complete the necessary documents

• Negotiate with the authorities

• Refine the offer to maximize government grants and loans

• Secure all forms of financial aid

• Promote a solid financial structure

Grants, government loans and financing may be available for the following projects:

• Buy / build or expand a building

• Improving the energy efficiency of a building or an industrial site

• Perform leasehold improvements

• Purchase equipment

• Develop and market a new product / process

• Evaluate a process technology

• Undertake a research and development or pre marketing

• Present a technology showcase

• Hiring and / or training employees

• Create a human resources department

• Improve working capital

• Starting a new business
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